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Shape All In

Shape All In 550m2 Fitness area fitted with Techno gym cardio & fitness equipment and a large Funxtion circuit training area, a Mind & Body studio, Aerobics studiotraining equipment at your disposal.
Shape all in, a fitness centre where its members come first since 1984 to the present day. Attentive professional fitness & cardio instruction is available. 
During your intake we will discuss your goals and based on this information formulate a training program. Your schedule can always be renewed by our instructors. If you wish for an instruction, fittest or trainings schedule you can book this at the reception.

A healthy mind in a healthy body
Levi Graham

Would you like to know how healthy you are? Our instructors can test your condition, fat percentage, blood pressure, flexibility and more. Together you will discuss the best way to improve your health. You can make an appointment at the reception.

Professional, functional and welcoming

We have a team of qualified professional personal trainers with different sporting and medical backgrounds. If you require rehabilitation, strength and flexibility, weight loss or even choreography all can be tailored to the individual’s personal goal. For enquiries and information business cards are available at the reception and in the fitness area or call 020-4866007

In an energetic, sportive yet relaxed atmosphere Shape-all-in provides state of the art  free weights, cardio  machines, full range kinesis and fitness training equipment at your disposal. 

  • Cardio: Techno gym Cardio 700 series- treadmills, row machines, bikes, recumbent bikes, hand bikes, wave & vario cross trainers. All of these have access to TV, internet and iPod via touch screen.
  • Fitness: Techno gym – Element line, Pure Strength line and free weights incl Dumbbells/ Squat rack/ Incline, decline and flat Olympic bar bench presses.
  • Funxtion: This area is available for individual or group training sessions. These sessions will combine strength- balance- and cardio exercises with hanging punch bags, hurdles and steps. A fun, effective and heavy training.
  • Kinesis: Techno gyms newest line gives everyone the opportunity to train in a functional and effective way. These machines also give sport specific athletes/ trainers and those needing rehabilitation the opportunity to train every movement on any level.  Here circuit traininings are also given.
  • Suspension training: The ultimate body weight training system for all levels challenging core and deep muscle tissue.

Work out and release

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If you have any questions regarding availability or would like to make an appointment, please contact: