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Synergy: Two or more persons working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the persons independently.

Personal Coaching

My focus is on the synergy created between the coach and the individual collectively building a SOLID- B.A.S.E both physically and mentally. Tailored towards the individuals own unique requirements resulting in a balanced body and inner confidence.


Music and dance is and has been an intergral part of my existence as a performer, teacher and choreographer. The essence of sound and movement defines me

1. Physical ANALYSIS
2. Set REALISTIC targets
3. DIETARY advice
5. PROGRESS evaluation
6. Weight LOSS | GAIN
7. Increase POWER
9. Mental | physical FOCUS


B. A. S.E / Balance-Agility-Strength-Energy
My philosophy is built on a solid B.A.S.E

BALANCE - physically aware whilst maintaining desired position
AGILITY- changing direction and position quickly using full range of movement in a joint
STRENGTH - power to resist force
ENERGY- capacity for vigorous activity & longevity


To adapt or develop exercises which allow individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries – its fun & accessible


Returns you to the origins of human movement, endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. A cable based workout allowing 360* of movement  

Weight Training

Creates lean muscle mass (hypertrophy), alternatively muscle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn all day long 

Body Training

Using your own body weight provides immense strength from within the body, developing stronger and denser muscles, which are more athletic 


A small showcase of my training as well as dance/choreography.
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london jazz fusion

london jazz


An Impression

An Impression






When addressing the issue of balance, posture & agility during movement
a trained lower back and abdominals are essential.

C.O.R.E stability facilitates confidence in the forementioned:

Choreography – the art of sequencing movement

Orientation – making movement adjustments in new surroundings

Rhythm – the recurrence of movement, sound or speech

Expression – manifestation of emotion through movement


Boxing as a training tool is an exciting, functional TOTAL BODY workout.
As well as its physical benefits, there is also a mental (stress relief) component.

Your lower-back and abdominal muscles provide power for your punches by initiating an explosive hip turn,
enabling  muscle recruitment of the arms and shoulders  required for punching.
Add some kicks and bingo! you have a cardio blast in the form of High Intensity training (HIIT)

levi graham, boxing, training





boxing, levi graham, shape, box, training


“Music and dance is and has been an intergral part of my existence as a performer, teacher and choreographer. The essence of sound and movement defines me.”.

Choreography – the art of sequencing movement
Orientation – making movement adjustments in new surroundings
Rhythm- the recurrence of movement, sound or speech
Expression – manifestation of emotion through movement

A video diary of the art of FUSION… its not a big me up thing just a JAZZ THING, Passing the baton to future hoofers. LONG LIVE FUSION!!!!! —compiled &edited by Levi Graham

Jazz Unleashed

Fusion jazz AllStars

Fusion Gone Wild 2

Fusion Gone Wild



• Fitness Instructor
• Dance instructor
• Kinesis trainer
• Funxtion certified trainer
• B-Extreme (TRX) body weight exercises workshop
• Boxing trainer
• Diabetes prevention course
• Professional Dancer/ Choreographer
• TV shows/commercials/Documentaries
• Musicals/Theatre shows/Magazines-Radio-Newspapers/Fashion shows

  • Since a couple of months I have been trained by Levi Graham. I can recommend him as a very vital and enthusiastic trainer. He is attentive, perceptive and capable. In short: one of a kind.

    Marjan Donkers - 67 years
  • Since I have been training weekly with Levi, not only do I feel better, but I also have gotten a real appetite for doing it. This is all due to the great variety of exercises taught and executed and his great enthusiasm and energy.

    Urban - 45 years
  • I wanted to bring more power to my routine, and has he brought that! He comes up with a diverse, challenging and fun work out, and with his unique motivation manners he makes you do things you didn’t believe you could do. Don’t think, just do it!

    Stephanie Rog- 28 years
  • One of the best, no THE best pt I’ve had in my fitness career. Levi knows how to motivate without being too pushy. He has a amiable but firm style. He’s able to protect me from overtraining during workouts and at the same time pushes me to the limits of my abilities.

    Willy Dwarkasuig - 50 years
  • The thing i like the most, is that Levi also is a choreographer and he will also keep an eye on your posture and details in the way you move during the workout. Has a very open personality as a trainer/coach which is important because when you connect with someone (synergy!) the results are much better.

    Christio Wijnhard - 37 years
  • After training for years, the gym became routine and I did not bring me any fun or results anymore. Then, I started training with Levi and he has become my driver and motivator to take that extra step and look at fitness training in a different way. He has a very unique, energized and personal approach. Due to the way he coaches me I see far better results and I am really enjoying my work out again.

    Anouk Tenten - 32 years
  • Levi is the most adorable and fun PT I have ever worked with. I advice him to all my friends looking for a PT. He sculpts your body according to your wishes or advices you on what will look best on you. He also makes sure you get more balanced out, instead of staying stronger on your right or left side. He is very keen on keeping an eye on your muscle mass, weight and fat percentage. Making sure it stays in balance. When times get tough in life he adjusts your program easily and quickly making sure you are not overdoing yourself.

    Brenda de Vries- 37 years
  • Levi is een deskundige trainer: hij heeft veel kennis en ervaring. Maar wat hem een excellente trainer maakt, is zijn talent om mensen te inspireren. Levi is een ware coach en ik ben blij dat ik de stap heb genomen om naast mijn ‘gewone’ bezoekjes aan de sportschool ook 1x per week zijn begeleiding te krijgen. Sinds ik met Levi train is er iets veranderd: mijn lichaam, mijn houding tegenover ‘moeilijke oefeningen’, mijn ademhaling. Ik ben een stap verder gekomen. Daarnaast heeft Levi een aanstekelijk positieve uitstraling die maakt dat ik altijd vrolijk word als ik een afspraak met hem heb

    Roos Naeff - 39 years
  • I never needed anybody to focus or set goals for me, I sported all my life (mountaineering, running) but since I have reumatic artritis (2010) I couldn’t find my way in training my body. This training, serieus but playfull, always in harmony with my condition of the moment, keeps my spirits up and gets my body in a still better shape. My coordination and core stability have never been so good. It’s so easy now to sit straight for long hours in a row and he’s getting my arms stronger every month. I’m getting addicted to this training and this trainer …. don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Alexandra - 56 years
  • Personally I have more fat than money to burn. But after years of working out alone, I thought an external consciousness-cum-stimulus might bring something extra. Well. Everything I heard about Levi Graham turned out to be true. Working out with him is serious business. He has a sharp eye for your defects as well as for your possibilities. He has an endless repertoire of different exercises, so the work-out never turns into a routine. When he warns you that you are ‘entering Levi Territory’ you really have to go the extra mile. And while your doing that, he demands perfect execution. He makes you do things you never imagined possible. He tells you he used to be a dancer. He could have been a stand up comedian as well. He is an exacting and a fun guy at the same time. I still find it hard to make room for exercise in my agenda. But the prospect of seeing Levi makes it a lot more attractive.

    H. van den Brink - 32 years
  • Levi is a take-charge person who was able to push me further then just muscle building. While working with Levi, he helped me build a better posture and helped me get more overall strength. Something I couldn’t have done by myself. The sessions are fun and because of his background as a choreographer he also makes you do exercises that improve balance and your physical endurance.

    Michiel Ebberink- 35 years
  • In order to reach goals you sometimes need to exceed your own expectations. Levi is someone who knows to push the right buttons. While training with Levi, you know you’ve got his complete attention. He’s as willing as you are to push you in the right direction: fitness, muscle tone, weight loss… No shortcuts on his account. So when you get there, you know you really got there on your own accord!

    Maarten van Lieshout - 41 years

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